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Copywriting for the Christian Industry

Churches, ministries, non-profits, and Christian businesses all need copywriting like any other industry, but the difference is your foundation. Whether you're selling a product or spreading hope, Christian copywriting is founded on good ethics and requires an understanding of your faith.


As someone who's been immersed in the Christian community for 26 years (and also has an associate's degree in Church Secretarial Studies), I can help you develop informational and marketing materials with a belief-based emphasis that spread both your message and God's message.

Churches, Ministries, and Non-Profits

Get the word out about your ministry with clear, professional documents and a website that gives your community (and the world!) the information they need.


Brochures identify your ministry’s highlights and main objectives in simple, uncluttered language that guides readers toward more in-depth information. An easy-to-use website provides the best avenue for them to dig deeper, so make sure your site is user-friendly and uses clear copy that answers all their biggest questions. While you’re at it, why not make it SEO-friendly as well? And if you’re a new ministry or looking to raise more awareness, a direct mail letter is never a bad idea. Use it to invite your community to tour your Christian school, visit a Sunday morning service, or join with you for a fundraiser.


Whatever you need to spread the word, view my full list of services below and talk with me today to discuss all your options!

Christian Businesses

Whether you’re selling Christian books or fast food with John 3:16 on your cups, make sure that your marketing is up to par with solid (and ethical) marketing materials.


Double-check that your website is efficient with a site audit. Having a user-friendly website will help guide customers to the checkout page naturally and prevent abandoned carts. Revamp your website copy for flawless search-engine optimization and clear, compelling language that promotes your products and your company as a whole. And don't forget the power of direct mail letters and blast emails to raise awareness and sales for specific products. I'll help you identify your audience's wants and needs and write copy that positions your company as the solution.


Wherever you need to improve your marketing, contact me today, and we'll create a custom package that fits your company's specific needs. 

Christian Copywriting Services

Site Audits

Don't miss out on an opportunity to share your ministry or service due to a cluttered or confusing website. Find out how user-friendly your website is with a site audit. I'll go through a 31-point usability and content checklist and let you know what needs work from your content strength all the way to your site navigation. 


Get your information right people's hands with a sharp-looking brochure. I can highlight all the best features and important details of your business or ministry in clear, concise language that directs readers to visit you or your website. 

Website Content

Not sure what to say? Let me create clear, SEO-rich content for your website that shares all your essential information and helps your organization show up on search engines. I can develop everything from your home page down to product descriptions. 

Targeted Emails

If you have a mailing list for your business or non-profit, don't waste this valuable sales and fundraising avenue! I'll create email blasts highlighting exclusive sales, special product lines, donation opportunities, and more! 

Direct Mail Packages

Direct mail is a tried and true way to get the word out about your product, service, or non-profit. Using top-of-the-line copywriting techniques like the 4 U's and the architecture of persuasion, I can create hard-selling direct mail packages that compel your readers to act and send their business and support to you. For ministries, churches, and schools I can also create informational letters inviting the community to come visit. Standard packages include a direct-mail letter (length of your choice) and copy for an easy-to-use response device and envelop teaser.


Have you made new changes to your location or products this year? Do you have exciting news to share with your community? Get it out to them through a detailed newsletter! I'll highlight all the wonderful things your organization is doing and use it as an avenue to promote more visits or sales in the year to come.