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Copywriting and Editing Solutions Tailored to You

Specializing in web and hard copy for the Travel and Christian Industries


Cochran Writing & Editing specializes in providing travel businesses, destinations, non-profits, and ministries with quality copy for both print and online platforms. Here, you’ll find a wide range of service options, from brochures and hard-selling direct mail letters to website copy and auto-responder emails.


Whatever your marketing goal, I’ll make it a reality with tried and true copywriting techniques, thorough research, and

flawless copy. And with my AWAI copywriting certification, you can rest assured that every piece I write for you includes

the best marketing techniques known to copywriters today!


Do you simply need someone to look at your current documents? No problem! Send over your newsletters, proposals, books, presentations, or teaching materials, and I’ll send them back error-free and ready for publication.

Customized Packages

Whatever your organization needs to be done, contact me today to build a custom writing and editing plan tailored to maximizing your success and getting your message out to the world.

Generate Sales and Visitors

Whether you're looking to bring more visitors to your location or sell the latest and best line of travel accessories, you're in the right place. Pique interest and boost revenue with compelling text, stunning pictures, and user-friendly websites. I can even provide you with high-quality photos for your social media sites and feature you on my growing travel blog. Check out all your options on the Travel Copywriting page!

Spread Your Message

Spread the word about your ministry or business with the help of a copywriter that understands your faith. I'll help you spruce up your website copy, write a direct mail letter for your next fundraiser, or put together an email series for your latest product. Whether you're a Christian ministry or a business founded on Christian principles, I have the tools you need to share your message. Stop by my Christian Copywriting page to  see all available options. 

Exceed Expectations

Never underestimate the power of flawless copy. Your attention to detail can sell a product or service as much as the most compelling sales presentation and boost your credibility along the way. If you have documents, website copy, books, presentations, or newsletters that need some work, send them over, and I'll make them perfect before they're published. Visit my Editing page to choose the editing service that's right for you!

Should Small Businesses and "Solopreneurs" Use Freelancers?

Are you debating whether or not to outsource some help for your growing business? When the budget is tight, choosing what not to do on your own is an important decision. Even the smallest choice can define the future outcome of your company. If you need some help deciding where to outsource, check out this practical article from Courtney Rosenfeld, creator of Gig Spark. She'll answer all your questions in "Solopreneur Succes: How Technology and Freelancers Can Help.

Contact Me

If you have a question about a specific project, feel free to get in touch! Send me an email describing your project and questions, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.