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Editing Services

It's All In the Details

After all the time and effort you've spent developing your latest project, don't deter your clients with a sloppy presentation. Many clients will note your attention to detail and see it as a reflection of your business. With my editing services, I'll ensure that your documents are absolutely flawless from start to finish so you can seal the deal. 

Items that frequently contain vital errors include business letters,  blast emails, presentations, and newsletters.

I have experience editing articles, blogs, academic papers, books, short stories, technical documents, lesson plans, emails, direct mail letters, and business documents. I am currently available to edit documents in all formats from all industries. 



Proofreading is the most basic editing service. If you're feeling pretty confident about your work and just want someone to double-check it, this is what you want. As a proofreader, I will thoroughly check your documents for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. 
Cost: $18 per hour


Copy Editing

Copy editing involves everything proofreading does but takes it a couple of steps further. As a copy editor, I would also check your work for improvements such as omitting repetition, creating smooth word flow, and ensuring that your word choices are understandable and accurate. If your copy contains references, endnotes, or a bibliography, I will check each entry for formatting accuracy.  
Cost: $30 per hour


Content Editing

If you don't know the first thing about writing and need extensive help with your documents, this is the option for you. Content editing involves everything that proofreading and copy editing does. Additionally, I would check your work for fallacies, focus, organization, and clarity. Depending on your preference, I can fix significant errors for your approval, or mark them so you can double-check specific numbers, company policies and procedures, etc. 
Cost: $55 per hour