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Editing Services

It's All In the Details

Are you looking for help with your business content, book, or blog? Then you've come to the right place! I offer full proofing, copyediting, and line editing services for authors, bloggers, and business professionals. 

Whether you need a light check or an extensive grammatical overhaul, I can help you get your documents ready for public viewing. My goal is to make your project perfect so that you can communicate effectively and professionally with your desired audience. 

Check out my selection of editing and proofing services to see which option is right for you. I can edit according to The Chicago Manual of Style, The Associated Press Stylebook, or the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. If you have questions, please click the button below to send me a query about your project.

All editing contracts will be preceded by an estimate based on word count. Fifty percent of the estimated fee is due on the contract signing date, and the remaining amount is due upon completion of the edits. I accept payment through Paypal and Quickbooks' secure options. 



Proofreading is the most basic editing service. If you know that your document is close to being ready, then this is the option for you. I will proof your document to ensure that your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are consistent throughout.

Cost: $18 per hour


Copy Editing

Copy editing involves everything proofreading does but takes it a couple of steps further. As a copy editor, I would also check your work for improvements such as omitting repetition, creating smooth word flow, and ensuring that your word choices are understandable and accurate. I will also correct errors in hyphenation, capitalization, documentation, and numeral usage. If your copy contains references, endnotes, or a bibliography, I will check each entry for formatting accuracy.  
Cost: $30 per hour


Content Editing

The most detailed editing option is content editing, sometimes known as developmental editing. In addition to proofreading and copyediting your document, I will look line by line to ensure that your manuscript has an effective voice and logical flow of ideas. I will check for run-on sentences, redundant ideas, confusing topic changes, overused words, and unclear language choices. My goal with line editing is to make your work not only grammatically correct, but also enjoyable, understandable, and logical to read. For books and short stories, I can provide extensive notes on the document's content to help you improve the text.

Cost: $50 per hour