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Teaser: Inside: The secret “fountain of youth” routine that keeps the NBA legends on the court…and how it can keep you playing into your 70s.

For a Limited Time, Get the NBA Secret to Preventing the Effects of Age and Revitalizing Your Life!

Future Star Player,

Imagine yourself at 40, 50, even 70 years old, still running down the court and playing better than the younger members on your team. Still strong and lean with a body that looks years younger than you are. Still sinking threes…cutting quick crossovers…and driving into the paint for a perfect jump shot. All of this without worrying about lacking the strength, breaking an ankle, or being short of breath.

Better yet, what if your body regained and retained these abilities without ever stepping foot in your local gym again—except for your outstanding basketball performances of course. 

It may sound impossible, but there is a genuinely effective “fountain of youth” exercise combination that can turn back time on your body’s clock and defy the typical effects of age while strengthening and developing your basketball skills. And it comes straight from the big leagues.

Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Durant, Joe Johnson, Kevin Love, Lebron James. These men’s names are commonplace in many households due to their impressive NBA records. But these men have more in common than just their successful basketball careers.

These players have dominated the professional courts into their 30s and 40s even though the prime NBA average age is only 27. And each of them practices the same surprising exercise technique: yoga.

Yes, yoga is the secret key that allows these men to stay healthy, limber, and strong enough to keep ahead of the younger competition on the court—not weights, not health supplements, and not merely their natural genetics.

The formula for their prolonged success is as simple as the right exercise routine, and it’s one that’s now available to basketball lovers like you.

You see, it all comes down to finding the right combination of exercise that restores your body’s systems to 100%. And with yoga and basketball correctly combined, your body will undergo a fountain of youth experience that increases flexibility and focus, restores vitality and bone strength, wards off joint pain and diseases like COPD and hypertension, and sculpts your body into a lean and muscled basketball star.


Look Amazing with a Honed Body

Many people think that their dream body is out of reach. But your past weight problems may boil down to simply doing the wrong exercises!

Yoga and basketball both contain powerful fat-burning elements that can trigger substantial weight loss. And together, their compounded effects can strip away excess fat to reveal the real you underneath.

Proper yoga techniques increase your metabolism, burning more calories and efficiently eliminating excess fat. But that’s not all. Most yoga postures provide the added benefit of detoxification. The detoxification process eliminates waste and toxic elements from your body, reducing bloating and promoting better digestion for weight loss.

Additionally, the process of holding yoga poses for extended periods forces your body to work hard, burning calories and fat, and replacing them with a robust and lean core and muscles.

But what role does basketball play in sculpting your body?

Well, basketball also reinforces fat loss with extensive aerobic exercise! As a basketball player, you know how much work goes into running up and down the court, jumping for blocks and shots, and even shuffling back and forth on defense. Combined, the moves comprising a game of basketball can burn over 700 calories an hour, melting fat and pushing your metabolism into overdrive!

But each of these moves also helps develop muscle as you work—hamstrings, biceps, triceps, quads, glutes—all of these muscles get an intense workout through basketball’s basic moves. And as the fat disappears, your new muscles will emerge with better definition than ever.


Sink that Buzzer Shot…Even with a Defender in Your Face

In the game of basketball, you need laser-like mental focus to anticipate your oppositions’ next moves, know where that next assist will be, and zone in on the hoop.

But focusing under pressure can be hard, especially as you age. And a 2018 study done by the University of Southern California concluded that background distractions affect middle-aged and older adults more significantly than young people. So there’s a reason if you find the noise of the crowd, whistles from an adjacent court, or even the defense’s shouts throwing you off your game.

However, you can train your mind like any other part of your body. One of the most effective training regimens for focus is yoga.

Yoga prepares your mind to focus on a variety of levels by demanding you to focus physically and mentally during training. Many yoga postures require you to find a focal point to keep balance, while most routines ask you to set a specific intention to focus on during your practice. Additionally, meditation brings you directly into focus with the moment at hand and discourages mental wandering.

According to Neha Gothe, an exercise psychologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “These mental exercises seem to affect the way you think and focus outside of yoga practice. The practice also reduces anxiety and stress, and that in itself can lead to better cognitive performance.”

Of course, few things will help you focus on the court better than practicing your basketball moves. Repetition increases muscle-memory, which relieves the stress on your brain. When your body is comfortable dribbling, shooting, and passing the ball, you free your mind to focus on what your next move needs to be.

Once your mind is trained to fend off distractions, you’ll have the focus you need to sink that game-winning three.


Ward Off and Destroy Common Diseases Affecting Your Peers

Joint pain. Chest pain. Breathing problems. High blood pressure. Weak bones. Stiffness. These comprise just a small list of the common symptoms that middle-aged adults live with for years. Dealing with only one disease can make your body feel years older than it is, but an increasing number of adults are living with multiple chronic conditions (MCC).

You don’t have to be in either of those groups. With the proper techniques, you can condition your body to ward off diseases before they affect your body so you can live longer, healthier, and happier doing the things you love.

And if you’ve already felt the effects of a disease, there’s good news for you, too, thanks to the powerful restorative benefits of yoga and basketball.

Strengthen Your Bones and Spine

One of age’s most significant threats is weakened bones. According to Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall, in their book Yoga for Osteoporosis: The Complete Guide, “Forty-four million Americans are known to have low bone mass. That amounts to 55 percent of everyone over age 50.”

This low bone mass puts both men and women at risk for diseases like osteoporosis and osteopenia, which affect everything from your legs to your spine, often causing extreme pain and an inability to live your life freely. But you can prevent these diseases from ever slowing you down by practicing the correct methods for rebuilding bone.

How? Well, according to Loren, yoga stimulates your body’s osteoblasts, which turn into osteocytes—the material that makes up your bones. That means that every time you practice the right yoga moves, you’re building new bone material and warding off the weakening effects of osteoporosis and osteopenia. Similarly, basketball is an active “weight-bearing” exercise that causes your osteoblasts to activate while you work against gravity.

If you already have osteopenia or osteoporosis, yoga is also an effective remedy for reducing and even eliminating these diseases by restoring your bone density and strength.

According to a 2015 study performed by a panel of doctors from prestigious institutes such as The Rockefeller University and Columbia University, “Yoga classes are a dramatically low-cost and less dangerous alternative to medications and the elaborate health care their absence is alleged to engender…. Improved posture directly addresses spinal fractures, while all of these documented benefits of yoga reduce the risk of falling, which is the main cause of all other osteoporotic fractures.” The study went on to show the results of patients who experienced improvement in their osteoporosis in as little as twelve minutes of yoga per day!

Even if you haven’t reached the age of 50, why wait to take action? Incorporate yoga into your exercise sooner rather than later to effectively build your defenses against osteoporosis and osteopenia.

By preventing, reducing, and even eliminating these bone-weakening diseases from your body, you can be confident in your strong bones that resist the normal jostling on the court and also the falls that would put others your age out of commission for months.

Breathe Freely

Few things can kill the joy of exercise and your performance faster than breathing problems. Loss of breath during training is often associated with being out of shape, but even fit athletes may start experiencing breathing issues in their 40s due to COPD.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs…. People with COPD are at increased risk of developing heart disease, lung cancer and a variety of other conditions.”

And the International Journal of Yoga states that “COPD will be the fifth leading cause of disability and the third leading cause of death in the world in the first half of the twenty-first century.”

While this disease is primarily associated with tobacco use, other issues such as asthma, your home and work environments, and even genetics can cause COPD to develop.

But although you may never see COPD coming, you can easily ensure that it never reaches your body.

One of the hailed components of yoga is its focus on proper breathing techniques. These exercises can not only increase breathing efficiency in healthy individuals, but they can also ward off and reduce the effects of COPD!

A recent study published in July of 2019 by six doctors in Germany, China, Australia, and the UK recorded the results of 586 COPD patients who did yoga breathing techniques as part of their therapy. The study “found robust effects of yoga on exercise capacity and pulmonary function in patients with COPD” and that “yoga breathing techniques can be an effective adjunct intervention for patients with COPD.”

Another study by the International Journal of Yoga reported, “The controlled breathing in yoga... help(s) open blocked airways caused by bronchitis or emphysema, which are linked to COPD, and improve the function of air circulation. Simple yoga moves can even aid those with advanced COPD.”

While COPD can never be fully cured, practicing and applying proper yoga breathing techniques can increase your lung function. And practicing these vital breathing techniques before COPD sets in can detoxify and protect your body from the life-changing effects of this disease while ensuring that your lungs work at full capacity while you’re on and off the court.

Regulate Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension affects approximately 25% of the world’s population, and it can hit when you least expect it. While the symptoms you may notice on the court include chest pain, difficulty breathing, and fatigue, the dangers lurking behind these symptoms are much worse, including heart attacks, strokes, and cardiac arrest.

For years, the go-to treatments for hypertension included a long list of drugs that boast an alarming array of side effects, combined with diet and exercise. However, modern research shows that yoga can be an effective treatment for hypertension, not only in conjunction with medication but as a replacement for medication!

That’s right! The breathing exercises in yoga have proven to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure without the use of expensive and harmful medications! Not everyone can use yoga alone to treat their hypertension, but the sooner you start, the less likely you are to develop high blood pressure and the symptoms that come along with it.

According to Marla Apt from Yoga International, “Yoga can reduce stress-induced hypertension, while addressing its underlying causes. It pacifies the sympathetic nervous system and slows down the heart, while teaching the muscles and mind to relax deeply.”

Another great way to treat high blood pressure is through aerobic exercise—like basketball! The dynamic nature of basketball builds your heart’s strength like any other muscle in your body. And just like stronger muscles perform at a higher capacity, your strengthened heart can pump your blood with more efficiency and less effort, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The best way to strengthen your heart is to regularly increase your heart rate and breathing, which is a natural result of basketball. By doing so, you’ll reduce the stress on your arteries and control your weight, which are two essential factors in managing your blood pressure.

And when your blood pressure is under control, you’ll reign on the court without those annoying and painful side effects. 

Stop Arthritis Before it Stops You

Joint pain, inflammation, stiffness—do any of these sound familiar? Or like something you want to avoid altogether to keep living your life freely?

\Arthritis frequently affects people as young as 40, with women being three times as likely to suffer the painful effects of this disease, according to the National Health Service. Arthritis symptoms can severely limit your day-to-day function, not to mention your time on the court!

With that said, the time to incorporate yoga into your exercise routine is NOW—before arthritis affects your life!

But for people already living with arthritis, there’s an easy way to reduce the pain and revive your body.


In an article for the Arthritis Foundation, Susan Bernstein says, “Recent scientific studies of people with various types of arthritis show that regular yoga practice can help reduce joint pain, improve joint flexibility and function and lower stress and tension to promote better sleep.”

The people in these studies showed significant improvement in managing pain, increased energy, and better day-to-day function!


While people with existing arthritis need to be careful with overdoing their yoga exercises and positions, simple yoga exercises can reduce the symptoms. And for those who don’t have arthritis yet, incorporating yoga can ward off this painful disease and keep you limber well into your golden years.

Reduce the Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 422 million people around the world, and the number grows every day. The effects of diabetes touch every aspect of your life, and the treatments are far from convenient. If you love playing basketball, diabetes can throw off your game with weight gain, excessive fatigue, and even nausea.


While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed or sent into remission with the proper treatment, and recent studies are promoting yoga as one of those effective treatments.


A recent surge of studies has taken a closer look at the effects of yoga practice on those suffering from diabetes and found positive results in the majority of patients. Those who practiced yoga were more likely to have a significant decrease in blood glucose and A1C. Plus, they saw a substantial reduction in the need for fasting, since the stress-relieving factors in yoga balanced out the urges for emotional eating!


Doctors will require more research to study the yoga-diabetes relationship further, but the American Diabetes Journal claims that they anticipate positive long-term results!


Protect Your Body with Limber Muscles

Many people assume that they have to hit the gym and do extensive weights-routines to be strong and have defined muscle, but they’re actually making a big mistake! One of the significant setbacks of a weights-based exercise program (and many standard exercise programs) is a lack of flexibility. And as you age, an inflexible body is the last thing you want!

Doing yoga allows you to gain strength and muscle without sacrificing your flexibility. So not only will you have robust, defined muscles, but you’ll be able to move your limber body freely and protect yourself from more injuries.

Yoga requires you to use your whole body as you practice, causing an even distribution of muscle development throughout your body. Whole-body exercise prevents muscle imbalances, which are a common cause of injury due to tight, overworked muscles competing with weak ones.

As an added benefit, you’ll also experience less pain from activity and exercise because your loose and supple muscles will have the capability of performing actions with a broader range of motion!


You Can Attain the Perfect Basketball-Yoga Ratio for Vitality


With all of the incredible healing and restorative benefits of yoga and basketball, it’s astonishing that more people aren’t combining them into a regular routine. But the problem is, most people don’t know about it! And that’s why NBA players like Kevin Love, Lebron James, and Shaquille O’Neal have the upper hand on their competition.


It’s also why Lebron James and WNBA star Bridgett Pettis have teamed up to create the company FitR and bring this secret exercise formula to you with the help of NBA “Yoga Guy,” Kent Katich.


As a team, James, Pettis, and Katich have developed a ground-breaking new program called Basketball Yoga Blast using the same techniques that produce incredible results in the big league players!


Sidebar: As Head Coach of Amateur Basketball Clubs of America, I work with many players who have day jobs and busy lives, but also want to pursue their passion for the game of basketball. I use my training as a coach and mentor to help them apply their athletic skills to achieving their personal weight and fitness goals. After trying Basketball Yoga Blast with my teams, the results have been amazing! —J. Cunningham


Their new program includes six power-packed DVDs with three levels of workouts on each disc for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practice. That’s a total of 18 all-new workouts straight from the brains of basketball legends! Each workout combines the best, most effective basketball and yoga moves into routines that produce fast, positive results in only 30 minutes a day.

  • Disc 1: Focus, Balance, and Ball Handling: Calm your mind, center your body, and become one with the ball during this innovative workout. Along the way, you’ll strengthen your core, burn fat, and learn the secrets to better breathing techniques that prevent disease.

  • Disc 2: Limber, Lean, and Long-Lasting: During this cardio-workout mix, you’ll sculpt your body, stretch tight muscles, and train yourself to stay in the game as long as it lasts—all while melting excess fat so those new muscles can shine.

  • Disc 3: Defensive Warriors: Learn the vital methods of being the best defender on the court while strengthening your muscles through a variety of yoga Warrior positions. You’ll also enhance your breathing and focus techniques as you cleanse your body through this practice and find your center.

  • Disc 4: The Perfect Shot and Detox: Boost your shooting skills with ground-breaking techniques and drills while detoxifying your body from extra waste, fat, and diseases. You’ll be ready to blow the competition away with your shot and look fantastic while you do it.

  • Disc 5: Sculpt and Stretch: Take your game to the next level with strong, limber muscles that aren’t just for show. This workout focuses on building robust, even muscle to help you avoid injury and dominate on the court while teaching you the secret to breathing in power and exhaling pain.

  • Disc 6: Speed and Focus: Be the first player down the court every time and learn to zone in on the hoop through this mix of cardio and focus exercises. Additionally, we’ll show you how to anticipate the defense’s moves in a mental preview so you can dribble and cut right around them without thinking twice.


But it gets even better. Not only will you see your body get toned and regain its vitality in just 30 minutes a day, but you can do it all from the comfort of your home. That’s right! You’ll never have to buy another gym membership or waste your time standing in line for the bench press because you can do the Basketball Yoga Blast wherever you are!


No basketball? No worries! The creators of Basketball Yoga Blast have teamed up with Spalding, the official supplier of the NBA, to bring you a genuine, NBA-quality, indoor basketball to help you get the most authentic workout possible. This special-edition basketball (valued at over $60) is only available through the Basketball Yoga Blast program!


In an effort to bring you the most effective, safe, and life-changing workout possible, the Basketball Yoga Blast program also includes:

  • An in-depth instruction manual explaining how to use the DVD program, explanations on moves and techniques, and tips to ensure you’re practicing every step correctly and safely

  • A booklet of healthy mind and body tips to enhance your practice and strengthen every aspect of life

  • A limited-edition hand-carrying case to keep your DVDs, manuals, basketball, and yoga mat in one convenient package for easy transport and storage

  • Fast and easy customer service help on Mondays–Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm PT


You can’t find this kind of program anywhere else! We’ve done everything possible to ensure that your workouts produce fast, fantastic results and that you feel the best you have in years.


Sidebar: My husband and I have always loved playing basketball with our local co-ed league. But once I hit 45, things started getting harder. Eventually, the game just lost the joy it used to hold for me, and I quit the team.

For two years, I sat on the sidelines, cheering for my husband. Then I heard about Basketball Yoga Blast. I bought the program, and within two months I felt like a whole new person! I even registered to play with my old team again!


I’m 50 years old, and I’m keeping up with all the younger players—even the men! I’m amazed at how my basketball skills came back to me—it’s just like high school! Plus, I’m no longer sore the next day, thanks to the wonderful yoga postures in the program.


I wish I’d know about Basketball Yoga Blast a decade sooner! Thanks, FitR! –A. Bridge


But the benefits of Basketball Yoga Blast can affect more than you and your health…


A Workout Your Entire Family Will Enjoy


In addition to giving you a fit body, warding off diseases, and saving you loads of time, the Basketball Yoga Blast has another incredible benefit: it’s great for your whole family!


Not only will the Basketball Yoga Blast allow you to spend more time with your family because of its quick home workouts, but you can do your exercises with them!


Imagine spending an extra 30 minutes a day with your kids and getting a great workout while teaching them to be incredible ball-players!—Or gearing up with your spouse for a fast and fun couple’s workout that you both enjoy. With three levels of exercises, the Basketball Yoga Blast is designed to be fun, easy to follow, and packed with skill-building techniques for anyone at any age!


Just see what our happy customers are saying about it!


Being a single dad, I need to keep my energy level up to keep up with my 6 and 8-year-old sons. Your program helps me to maintain the fitness and stamina levels I need to manage work, kids, and home. For all of us, the best time of the day is when we’re all together—and Basketball Yoga Blast makes it fun for us to play basketball and stay healthy. –T. Young

Every evening when I get home, I fire up your program. I enjoy 30 minutes of a fun workout that involves one of my favorite past times—basketball. My husband is even joining me in my Basketball Yoga Blast workouts, so we both have a new appreciation for both pursuits. Thanks for creating a basketball fan’s fan-tastic workout that helps us perform better on all levels.” –H. Walters

The Basketball Yoga Blast is for everyone from children just learning the basics of health and basketball to adults who want to regain their vitality and bring their skills to the next level. And best of all, it’s fun!


The Results of this Fun, 30-Minute Program are Life-Changing

Basketball Yoga Blast will not only give you back the vitality, strength, flexibility, and focus you need to excel on the court and in life in just 30 minutes a day…it will reduce and reverse the aging effects that are stealing your edge and replace them with firm, lean muscle, a healthy body, and the skills to take your basketball game to the next level.

Our program is the only professionally-designed program that taps into this secret combination of youthfulness and skill through the incredible rejuvenation potential of the basketball-yoga combo. You can look, but you won’t find this kind of program—or these kinds of results—anywhere else!

But before I tell you how you can get your hands on this innovative program, let me show you two more ways that it can drastically change your life.


Save Money Most People “Expect” to Throw Away


One of the key aspects of the Basketball Yoga Blast is your ability to do it right from your home. Too many people spend upwards of $40 a month for a gym membership with benefits they don’t use—or even go to. With fees, this amounts to $500 a year that is mostly wasted in hopes of gaining a better body.


But with the Basketball Yoga Blast, you will never need a gym membership again. All you need is a little space and your DVD set to get the body you’ve been chasing for years.


And remember all those miraculous disease-fighting properties we discussed earlier? For many of those diseases, proper yoga practices offered a proven way to reduce or eliminate the need for prescription drug therapy. And reducing or eliminating the need for prescriptions can save you thousands of dollars each year.


According to a study done by AARP in 2017, the average older American (over 50) using name-brand drugs to treat their chronic conditions spends an average annual cost of nearly $30,600 for their medications. $30,600!


But with the proper exercise techniques and prevention methods, you can significantly reduce your medication needs for existing problems and save yourself from ever having to drop that kind of money on medications as you age.


Thanks to the help of “NBA Yoga Guy” Kent Katich and several other yoga experts around the country, we’ve integrated the most beneficial yoga breathing exercises and postures into Basketball Yoga Blast to ensure that your body is functioning at full capacity from the inside-out. With these techniques at your disposal, your body will feel the best it has in years without a single prescription.


Ditch Stress in Exchange for Happiness and Fun


One of exercise’s most exceptional contributions to your life can be the release of endorphins into your body. These little brain chemicals spread through your body during and after exercise and create feelings of happiness and euphoria. It’s why so many people get that “runner’s high” after hitting the treadmill.


These endorphins make you feel good about yourself and can help alleviate the stress you usually hold in from a hard workday.


But if you hate running, or the dullness of countless weight repetitions, you may not get that high. Yes, you’re working out, but if you don’t enjoy your exercise routine, you’re less likely to reach that level of happiness and less likely to stick with it.


You won’t find that problem with Basketball Yoga Blast. If you enjoy basketball, if you like getting a good workout in 30 minutes, and if you want to have fun, then the Basketball Yoga Blast will meet all those marks and more.


You’ll get fit while reaping all the mood-boosting benefits of endorphins and increasing your overall happiness!


Get the Secret Formula for Vitality from Lebron James, Bridget Pettis, and Kent Katich!


With all the incredible, life-changing and skill-building benefits of a program like this, you could easily expect to pay over $300 for the DVDs alone. Each DVD is packed with priceless ball handling tips, shooting techniques, and healing yoga poses that will never reach a regular class because they’re coming straight from these big-league pros. Plus, we’ve thrown in over $100 worth of accessories to complete your Basketball Yoga Blast kit.


But you won’t pay $300 for this program. You won’t even pay $200. To make this program affordable for everyone, FitR has priced the Basketball Yoga Blast and all its accessories at a mere $179 for a limited time!


As a reminder, the Basketball Yoga Blast includes:

  • 18 total workouts ranging from beginner to advanced levels

  • An instruction guide to ensure that you’re maximizing the program and your results

  • A booklet of healthy mind and body tips to advance your practice and lifestyle

  • A convenient hand-carrying case for effortless storage and transportation

  • An official NBA-quality Spalding basketball

  • Customer service 9 AM to 6 PM PT Monday through Friday


  • A 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee


Within one month, you’ll be stronger, faster, leaner, more flexible, and happier! You’ll have quicker reflexes and better focus to keep sinking those jump shots…you’ll experience less joint pain, fatigue, breathing problems, and blood pressure issues…you’ll protect your body against potential diseases that plague your peers…and you’ll be doing it all on your schedule from the comfort of your home!

But just to show you how incredible this program is in every way, let’s compare it to the other options out there:

  • A standard yoga class with no added basketball skills will cost you an average of $150 a month* and 3 hours of your time a week—not to mention the commute. The Basketball Yoga Blast is only $179 in total and will only cost you a fraction of that time.

  • Most standard fusion-yoga DVD workout programs cost at least $15-$20 per DVD* with only one workout per disc—and they certainly don’t include the equipment you need to get started! Plus, many of these high-intensity fusion programs are unsuitable if you have any existing injuries or pain and don’t integrate beginner to advanced levels.

  • An average gym membership costs $40 a month* plus fees for a yearly total of approximately $500 without any one-on-one training benefits.

  • One week with a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals will cost an average of $165* for three one-hour sessions—and don’t forget the time you’ll lose driving back and forth.

And NONE of these options include the incredible vitality and skill-building combination of basketball and yoga.

*Based on the national average


The Basketball Yoga Blast only costs a third of an average yearly gym membership while providing you with incomparable convenience and training directly from the pros. And if you can’t swing a full $179 today, that’s no problem.

We have you covered with our easy monthly installment plan. Just pay $60 when you order, and we’ll bill you $60 a month for the following two months to make the Basketball Yoga Blast yours.

But if you go ahead and order in full, we’ll throw in an exclusive bonus: a premium yoga mat from Manduka (valued at $60) FREE! This premium bonus item is only available through the Basketball Yoga Blast program and is specifically designed to accommodate flexibility between yoga and basketball moves! It can be yours for free when you order in full.

This special Basketball Yoga Blast offer is only available until November 15, 2019! Send in your order via the attached form or go online today to claim your Basketball Yoga Blast DVDs, basketball, and bonus materials and start regaining your vitality as soon as possible.


Claim This Never-Before-Seen Premium

The Basketball Yoga Blast program will be a game-changer for you not only on the court but in your whole way of life. And at $179, it’s a steal for the kind of in-depth professional information you’ll receive from Lebron James, Bridget Pettis, and Kent Katich.

But before we go any further, I want to tell you about one final special gift that you’ll receive with the purchase of the Basketball Yoga Blast that will take your game to an even higher level.

Would you believe that many athletes spend too much time focusing on getting the perfect shot? They spend hour after hour shooting jump shots, free throws, and layups, but they’re still helpless on the court. Why?

Because they can’t dribble. That’s right—you can have a near-perfect shooting percentage during practice, but if you can’t dribble into position, you’re a sitting duck for the defense.

That’s why Lebron James and Bridget Pettis have developed this special, in-depth manual, “Dribble Like a Pro!” (valued at $20) to help you be a formidable force on the court. You’ll learn the secrets to the quick, controlled dribbling techniques that will set you apart on the court, whether you’re a guard or a forward.

It’s only available with the Basketball Yoga Blast program, and it will be yours for FREE when you purchase the Basketball Yoga Blast Program.


You Have Nothing to Lose and a New Life to Gain!

All of this may seem too good to be true, but FitR has backed the Basketball Yoga Blast program with a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the results you want within 90 days of receiving the program, we’ll send you back 100% of the money you’ve paid.

Simply contact customer service, and we’ll arrange for you to ship back the DVDs, instruction manual, and basketball at no charge to you. You will receive a full refund within seven business days of us receiving the materials.

However, the healthy mind and body booklet, hand-carrying case, “Dribble Like a Pro!”, and yoga mat (if you paid in full), are yours to keep. They’re our gift to you for trying out the Basketball Yoga Blast program.



George Jones, CEO FitR

P.S. This offer is only good until November 15, 2019, so don’t delay! Be sure to order online or send in your card today to start tapping into this fountain of youth and become your team’s MVP as soon as possible!


Order Device:

Yes! I want to regain my vitality and be the MVP of my basketball team for years to come!

  • Please accept my one-time payment of $179 plus $11 for shipping and send me the Basketball Yoga Blast set, including my two free premiums, “Dribble Like a Pro!” and the Manduka yoga mat!

  • Please accept my first payment of $60 plus $11 for shipping and send me the Basketball Yoga Blast set and my free premium, “Dribble Like a Pro!” I understand that I will be billed $60 for the next two months to complete my purchase.

Remember, the Basketball Yoga Blast is backed by a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with the program in 90 days, just send back the DVDs, instruction manual, and basketball at our expense and receive 100% of your money back.


Full Name______________________________________________________________________


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Credit Card Number ___________________________________________

Phone number to contact you if there’s an issue with your order ______________________________

Your Signature_____________________________________________________________________

This one-time offer is only good until November 15, 2019, so don’t delay!


Send to: FitR Corporation

 1111 Ballers Lane

            Tallahassee, Florida 12345

Questions? Contact us at 123-456-7890 Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm PT


Lift Note:


For centuries, yoga has been used as a natural method of healing and physical training. Unfortunately, eastern medicine has only recently acknowledged the role of yoga as a substantive assistant and alternative to the use of medications. But it’s quickly grown as a favored method of exercise around the world, and one I firmly stand by.


My name is Felicity Smith, and I’m one of the founding members of the American Yoga Association. For years, I’ve worked alongside star athletes in a variety of fields and helped them bring their game to the next level with yoga. I teach them how to be strong without sacrificing their flexibility and how to detoxify their bodies to maintain peak performance.       


My entire career centers on knowing and utilizing the health benefits of yoga for other sports, and that’s why I can say without reservation that this program will be a game-changer for you.


The developers of this program, Lebron James and Bridget Pettis, consulted heavily with several yoga professionals, including myself, to ensure that this program was as good as the ones the pros do. And then, I tried it out myself, just to make sure.


I firmly believe that if you want the healthiest, strongest body of your life and the basketball skills to go with it, you won’t find a better program anywhere to give you those results.


The Basketball Yoga Blast has my “seal” of approval.



Felicity Smith, Head of Training

American Yoga Association

*Please note that the Basketball Yoga Blast is a fictional product and this letter is meant to be an example of my writing skills and techniques.